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This page highlights the differences between Destruction King Battobas and Barbarax.



Battobas Barbarax
Was one of four commanders for the Balban. The only commander for Captain Mutiny.
Had past dealings with Biznella prior to fighting the Gingaman. Met and teamed-up frequently with Deviot shortly after the Galaxy Rangers arrived in the Lost Galaxy
Charged first with awakening Demon Beast Daitanix, and after was charged with giving a growth extract to the Earth Demon Beast. Charged with collecting slaves.
Initially perished when he was eaten by the Earth Demon Beast. Was briefly brought back with the rest of the Balban before destroyed by the Gingaman. Perished when Captain Mutiny's base was destroyed by Trakeena's Scorpion Stinger.
Fought against the Megarangers. Never encountered the Space Rangers.
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