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This page highlights the differences between Demon Sword Priest Mad Torin and Doomwing.

Demon Sword Priest Mad Torin



Mad Torin Doomwing
Appeared in 3 episodes and was revived for one. Appeared in 6 episodes including him faking the Silver Ranger. Was not revived at any point.
His personality was that of a calm, calculating, and ruthless fighter. His personality was that of an overly confident, proud, snooty, ruthless, intelligent and considerate subordinate.
He and Torin were voiced by the same Japanese actor. He and Zenowing were voiced by two different voice actors.
He's had only interacted with Chaos. He's had interacted with Arcanon, Wrench, and Heckyl.
Was created by Chaos to replace his traitor of a brother, Demon Sword Priest Torin and destroy the Kyoryugers. He is one of Lord Arcanon's elites and also Zenowing's evil counterpart created from the Dark Energem's power during a conflict between him and Lord Arcanon over the Silver Energem long ago.
He has never fought or encountered Neo-Geildon. He, alongside Singe and Lord Arcanon, fought against Heckyl, Snide, Wrench, and Fury. They then fight Snide in the Megazord fight.
Never worked together with Resentful Knight Endolf as he was still trapped inside of Raging Knight Dogold during that time. He is fellow generals with Singe under Arcanon's command.
Signature attack is the Demon Sword Madness Flame. Signature is the Doom Slash.
Never fought against Great Land Devil Gadoma nor even pilot Kamitsuki Rocket Gattai Kyoryuzin or Kyoryuzin to fight it. He along with Lord Arcanon and Singe pilot the Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy-Rex Formation and then the Dino Charge Megazord to fight against Snide piloting Fortress.
Has had the ability to summon previously destroyed Debo Monsters from Deboth Hell for the sole purpose of restoring Transcendenterfly God Deboth. But never he has ever been shown to be able to summon or control the Zyudenryu.  Currently does not summon previously destroyed outlaws, but rather enlisted Wrench with reviving them with the Reanimating Machine. He has however been shown to control the Zords and harness the Dino Chargers.
He first encountered Kyoryu Cyan and Kyoryu Gray before striking them out while donning the form of Torin. He first encounters all 9 Dino Charge Rangers through a message pod while posing as Zenowing in Silver Ranger form.
Was the evil doppleganger of Torin and his form was meant to resemble Torin when he was still evil. Is an evil being who fused with Zenowing in order to obtain the Silver Energem, which he possesses. He then ended up defusing with him due to the Rangers' plan with using Kendall's inventions, the Split-Emitters.
He did not become Kyoryu Silver by any means. Due to formerly being the other half of Zenowing, he was able to morph into the Dino Charge Silver Ranger. However, upon separating from his fusee, he could no longer do it.
Did not fight Daigo Kiryu as Kyoryu Silver. He fought Tyler Navarro as the Dino Charge Silver Ranger.
He was destroyed in the giant battle by Gigant Gattai Kyoryuzin. He was defeated by the Dino Charge Ultrazord in the giant battle but he survived.
He was defeated in battle by Torin as Kyoryu Silver first before the giant fight. He was destroyed by Zenowing as Dino Charge Silver on foot for real, after his previous defeat in the giant fight.

In the new timeline, his existence is prevented when Zenowing and Heckyl stopped and destroyed Arcanon and Singe from stealing the Dark Energem, and thus, it never touches Zenowing and creates him.

He was never criticised, threatened, or abandoned by Chaos in any way. He's had been ridiculed by Arcanon for no longer being useful to him as he cannot be a power ranger anymore and was threatened to be destroyed. After his last chance in redeeming himself, Arcanon left Doomwing in the mercies of Zenowing and the Dino Charge Rangers for his failure of attempting to re-merge with his counterpart.
He returned as the first monster resurrected during the finale, but was then destroyed again. He never came back after he was defeated by Zenowing. In the finale, history is changed so that he never existed.
Was able to assume Torin's primary form. He could transform into Zenowing, but upon doing so, Zenowing's personality takes over. He could however access the Silver Ranger powers under his own mind and was able to impersonate Zenowing to gain the ranger's trust.
Destroyed by the Gattai Gigant Kyoryuzin's Gigant Formation. Destroyed by Zenowing's Titano Sabre Final Strike.
Final words were him calling out to the real Torin. Final words were him announcing that Arcanon would one day prevail over the Rangers.
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