This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Demon-Fist Master Jin Matoba and Skelerena.

Jin Matoba/Garouki


Jin Matoba/Garouki Skelerena
A main villain lasting for several episodes. Monster of the week, lasting only one episode.
Human martial artist who kills other martial artists in hopes of finding the ultimate challenge.

Later infused with dark Gorma powers by Major Zydos.

Hyena monster artificially created from a picture of a hyena in a magazine. His purpose was simply to destroy the Power Rangers.
Spend most of his time as a human. Was only forcibly transformed into a skeletal wolf like monster named Garouki near the end of the series. Never was or even posed as a human. Only appeared in his monster form.
Had a rivalry with RyuuRanger, the red ranger of Dairanger, since he felt Ryuuranger was the challenge he sought for.

Never had a particular rivalry with any of the rangers.

Acted very much like an animal as Garouki, showing no sentience or capability of speech whatsoever. Showed sentience and the ability to talk.
Turned against the Gorma Tribe since he disliked being someone's lackey. Never showed any tendency or reason to turn against the Evil Space Aliens.
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