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This page highlights the differences between Degius and Loyax.



Degius Loyax
Member of the Barban Pirates under Battobas; never met Sambash. Member of Trakeena's group, not under Captain Mutiny or Barabax but was well known and recruited by Villamax.
Sent to be a sacrificial pawn in a plan to use a comet's energy to revive Daitanix; his desire for a final battle was his own and not considered by the Barban. Sent as a means to fight the Galaxy Rangers due to his desire for a final battle; had no connection to the Titanisaur.
Lost his way after the destruction of his world and forced into the Barban Pirates. Joined with Scorpius and Trakeena believing that evil will ultimately win over good after the destruction of his world.
Had no lament in fighting the Gingaman; merely wished to choose an opponent from among them. Lamented fighting the Galaxy Rangers.
Refused to fight Hikaru initially due to his recklessness. Refused to fight Maya at first due to being a girl.
Ultimately killed when the power of the comet strikes him in order to revive Daitanix. Ultimately killed from the effect of a poisoned growth serum used by Deviot to grow him.
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