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This page highlights the differences between Deboth Army and Sledge's Crew.

Deboth Army
Sledge's Crew


Deboth Army Sledge's Crew
Goal was to revive their master, Transcendenterfly God Deboth, and cause the mass extinction of humanity. Goal was to find the Energems on Earth for their master, Sledge.
Base was the petrified body of Deboth. Base was an ancient warship with prison cells that held Sledge's bounties.
Knights were created by Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos. Generals were not created by Sledge or Lord Arcanon.
Knights were embodiments of certain emotions. Generals did not represent a sole emotion.
Monsters were created by one of the Knights and were sent to gather emotions from humans. Monsters were not created, but were instead outlaws captured by Sledge that were already on the ship. They would be released by Sledge and promised freedom if they are able to bring him an Energem.
Were not Generals of any other known villain factorizations. The crew were Generals of Lord Arcanon's Crew.
Neo-Geildon did not take over leadership of the group nor were there any usurpers to begin with.

Snide and his alter ego, Heckyl, take over leadership of the group after Sledge is defeated.

Afterwards, Lord Arcanon has taken over leadership of the crew for the time being after defeating Heckyl.

After being defeated by the Rangers, however, Arcanon is usurped by the return of Sledge, causing the two factions to be separated.

The Debo Monsters' reasons for being created were to get the emotions of Joy, Sorrow, Rage, and Resentment to revive Deboth. The outlaws being collected by Sledge in the first place were not only for claim Space Bullions for each of their bounties, but to be gathered as an army for Lord Arcanon, including Heckyl and Snide. 
The Deboth Army is the show's only main villain faction. Sledge's Crew and Lord Arcanon's Crew are the two villain factions of the show.
Never encounter or faced the Kibaoni Army Corps. Met the Galaxy Warriors.
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