This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Death Neziro and Tankenstein.

Grand Neziros
Giant Tankenstein
Tankenstein Second Form


Death Neziro Tankenstein
Is a giant saucer fortress that resides in the Neziregia dimension and later Earth after the Neziregia dimension was destroyed. Is a sentient mechanical shapeshifting entity. Is not the transformed state of the Dark Fortress.
Took the form of a giant saucer before turning into a giant robot. Took the form of a humvee before turning into a giant humanoid form.
Is piloted by Dr. Hinelar. Is sentient and was never controlled by anyone.
Is the villains' base of operations and Dr. Hinelar's final arsenal against the Megarangers. Is the final monster-of-the-week in Power Rangers in Space.
After being stabbed by its own sword, Hinelar triggered the self-destruct, forcing the Megarangers to take Grand Neziro into the air to protect their school from the explosion. They managed to escape seconds before the blast. After being fatally stabbed by his own sword, he grabbed onto the Mega Voyager and leaped into the air just before exploding in an attempt to take the In Space Rangers with him. The Rangers managed to survive the explosion.
Fought the Megarangers in their final episode. Was the penultimate battle for In Space.
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