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This page highlights the differences between Daradara and Blue Globbor.

Blue Globber
Daradara/Blue Globbor
Blue Globbor


Daradara Blue Globbor
Daradara was an offshoot of Daimaou himself. Displayed no sentience whatsoever and was controlled directly by Daimaou. Blue Globbor was a sentient monster created by Master Vile. It operated autonomically and could make its own decisions.
Daradara spoke in a normal voice. Blue Globbor spoke in a slimey voice.
When in his third 'Ranger form', hurting him also hurt Ninjaman and four of the five Kakurangers. His ability to transfer his pain only affected Ninjor. Even in his third 'Ranger' form.
Daradara was defeated when Ninjared hurt Daimaou, transferring his pain to Daradara and therefore severing his link to Ninjaman and the other rangers, reverting him to his original form. Blue Globbor was weakened when Alpha 5 and Zordon dispersed the darkness created by Master Vile. This weakened Globbor to the point of reverting to his original form.
Daradara possessed forms similar to Ninjaman, then later of four of the five Kakuranger. Blue Globbor possessed a Ninjor-like form, then later a form that is similar to that of the Alien Rangers, though prior to the Earth Power Rangers learning of the Aquatians
Regressed back to his first form due to Daimaou being badly injured by Sasuke. Regressed back to his first form after being hit by the Shogun Megazord's fire boomerang and did not appear to be caused by an injury to Master Ville.
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