This page highlights the differences between Vargoyle and Danganloid.

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Danganloid Vargoyle
Danganloid is an ordinary monster of the week. Vargoyle is a major villain.
Appeared only in Mission 10. Appeared in three different episodes.
Danganloid was created from a model gun. Vargoyle was created some time ago by Scrozzle prior to the series by unknown means.
Danganloid's mission was to distract the Go-Busters so that DanganZord can steal Enertron from a large shipment and take it into hyperspace. Vargoyle's mission is to gain more Morph-X for Evox to escape the Cyber Dimension and help take over the Morphin Grid. Later turned into a mission to use his Memory Aligner to brainwash the Rangers into thinking Blaze and Roxy were their allies.
Danganloid naturally has super speed like Hiromu's Red Buster skill and didn't have super strength nor super jumps. Vargoyle is naturally a powerful, agile, and cunning warrior but was given the Data Upgrade that allows him to have super speed, super strength, and super jumps.
Danganloid has a respectful personality to his opponents. Vargoyle has a cocky, rude, crafty, ruthless, and short tempered personality.
Danganloid was not favored by Messiah over Enter. Vargoyle was favored by Evox over the Cybervillains until his death however.
Did not pretend to be weak to fool the Go-Busters. Had pretended to be weak to lull the Beast Morphers Rangers into a false sense of security in a plan to steal three full tanks of Morph-X.
Was Hiromu's rival and did not encounter Masato Jin and Beet J. Stag because they've had not debuted. Encountered all five Beast Morphers Rangers and was Steel's nemesis.
Danganloid did not create Wataameloid nor sent out WataameZord. Vargoyle created Shockatron and sent out Shockadrone.
Danganloid did not steal Enter's plan of any kind to brainwash the Go-Busters. Vargoyle stole Roxy and Blaze's idea of the Memory Pulsator and placed it onto the Channel 10 broadcast tower to brainwash the Beast Morpher Rangers.
Danganloid was in no way betrayed by Enter in any means and Escape did not debut until Mission 22. Vargoyle was sabotaged by Blaze and Roxy by preventing him from powering up his Beast Upgrade with the Morph-X, leaving him stuck with just the Cheetah Power and to be destroyed by Devon.
Did not fight Masato Jin and Beet J. Stag in his final battle because they had not debuted yet. Did not fight Nate and Steel during his final battle because the former had lost his memories and the latter was destroying his Memory Pulsator and was then cripplingly damaged.
Danganloid's final words were him congratulating Red Buster for destroying him. Vargoyle's final words were him expressing disbelief at his own destruction.
Data was used to create DanganZord. Unidentified Gigadrone 1 heavily resembles him but is never explicitly named "Vargoyledrone".
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