This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Kyoryu Red/Dino Charge Red

This page highlights the differences between Daigo Kiryu and Tyler Navarro.

Kyoryu Red
Dino Charge Red


Daigo Tyler
Gaburivolver was given to him by Torin Received Dino Charge Morpher after holding the Energem
Is a traveler for the sake of new experiences Traveled to Amber Beach to find his long-lost father

His father separated from Daigo to train him to become independent

His father disappeared in one of his expeditions
His father, Dantetsu became the second Kyoryu Silver. He has no relationship to Ramirez. However, his great-granddaughter would later become Kyoryu Cyan. His father, James Navarro, became the Aqua Ranger.
He was broken free from the Gabutyra Human influence by Torin after he become the Gabutyra Human by putting the Zyudenchi Carnival in Gaburivolver by accident. He was free from the Tyranno Human influence by his father James the Aqua Ranger once he allows him to come back to his own senses.
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