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This page highlights the differences between Dai-Satan and Lokar the Terrible.

MMPR Lokar
Lokar the Terrible


Dai-Satan Lokar
Is the ultimate evil of Zyuranger. Is just one of Rita's allies, albeit a powerful one.
Merely laughs and cannot speak whatsoever, despite being the true main villain of the season. Despite being a mere ally of the Evil Space Aliens and laughing most of the time, he has speaking capabilities.
Bandora gained her magical powers by forming a contract with him. No other connection is made between Rita's powers and Lokar has been made.
Is destroyed by the Ultimate Daizyujin after the destruction of Dora Talos. Merely ran away back to his dimension from his battle with the Ultrazord, after Cyclopsis was destroyed.
Summoning him required a magical tower and the lifeforce of 13 children. Rita could just summon him from her palace, without any requirements whatsoever.
Appears in 4 Week Continuous Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!! Appears in Power Rangers HyperForce and Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon .
His resting place is in Hell. He rules his own dimension, the Talos Dimension.
Dai-Satan has been killed in his two final battles with the Super-Sentai. He is currently alive along with Scorpina in the Talos Dimension and thus is how they've both survived from the Zordan Energy Wave, which wiped out all of the evil of the universe and turned some of them into humans.
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