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This page highlights the differences between Dahl Tribe Prince Kai and Thrax
Dahl Tribe Prince Kai


Dahl Tribe Prince Kai Thrax
Was the son of Witch Bandora, but was unrelated to Lieutenant Colonel Shadam, Daimaou or Gasha Skull. Son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, and thus grandson of Master Vile and nephew of Rito Revolto.
Fought against the Zyurangers only, and didn't appear alongside any villains except for the Bandora Gang. Took command of all villains in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive to fight against the Overdrive Rangers and Retro Rangers.
Was a troublesome youth who was killed after smashing dinosaur eggs, which led his mother to sell her soul to Dai-Satan as a means of bringing him back to life. Had no relationship with Great Sword Man Zubaan. Was a villain despite the purification of his parents who was defeated and imprisoned by Sentinel Knight, but who later escaped as Sentinel Knight grew weaker.
Was destroyed in battle by the Zyurangers. He never appeared in Boukenger. Was defeated by the Sentinel Knight.
Destroyed by the explosion of Dora Talos. Destroyed by the Sentinel Knight's Power Kick. Never piloted Cyclopsis.
Final words were him screaming out for his mother. Final words were him telling the Sentinel Knight that he wished he had the Sword Excelsior to destroy him.
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