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This page highlights the differences between Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein and Venjix Virus.

Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein


Yogoshimacritein Venjix
Is a renegade high-ranking member, and usurps control of Gaiark from Pollution President Batcheed due to being frightened of him. Is the leader of the Venjix Computer Network.
Was the father of Land Pollution Minister Yogostein. His final body was made from the recycled remains of General Shifter.
Killed both Air Pollution Minister Kitaneidas and Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia after using them as sacrificial puppets. Killed both General Shifter and General Crunch at one point, but were later rebuilt. He also physically abused Kilobyte, due to his betrayal.
Was destroyed in the final giant battle with the Go-Ongers via Engine-Oh G12. Was destroyed by Gem and Gemma by shooting at the control tower and then crushed in the process.
He was revived twice as part of the Black Cross Army to fight against the Goseigers and Gokaigers. Does not turn or involved with the Messiah, thus didn't create Vaglass. Became Evox after the events of RPM due to a splinter of his virus inhabiting Scott's Cell Shift Morpher. He encountered the Dino-themed past Rangers, but not the Megaforce Rangers in any capacity.
He joined the Black Cross Army after being revived, indirectly making him connected to the Zangyack. After becoming Evox, he established a separate faction with Scrozzle and revived Sledge's Crew with Ryjack's equipment. Is not connected to the Armada at all.
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