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This page highlights the differences between Cleaning Minister Kireizky and General Kilobyte.

Cleaning Minister Kireizky
Cleaning Minister Kireizky
General Kilobyte


Kireizky Kilobyte
Is a high-ranking member of Gaiark, is sent in to "clean up" (as in, finish off) worlds that have resisted the invasion. Is a general of the Venjix Computer Network, first overseeing the hybrid project.
Has known Land Pollution Minister Yogostein but was never seen with him side by side. Sent to "clean up" Earth after Yogostein's death. Arrives before the death of General Shifter and is around alongside him for quite some time.
Is ruthless and intelligent. Is cruel, and also intelligent.
Signature attack is called the Circle Moon Slash. Signature attack is an unnamed slash involving a gold coin in the background.
Has no relationship with Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia. Had been around during the time when Tenaya 7 was being turned into a hybrid. Has a rivalry with her due to looking down on her for her human side. When she regains her memories and tries to defect, he is the one who reprograms her into Tenaya 15.
Did not create Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein. Was ordered to create Venjix's new body out of General Shifter's corpse.
Held no intentions of being a traitor. Has activated a hybrid without permission, thus having Venjix send Tenaya to destroy him. But has overheard them, thus planned his next move.
Has lasted three episodes before the appearance of his master, Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein. Has lasted much longer before finally being killed by the Ranger Operators in their final battle, before facing off against Venjix.
Killed by Engine G-12. Survived his encounter with the RPM Ultrazord and was destroyed much later by the Road Blaster.
Final words were him claiming his death was a pity and then calling out for Kitaneidas and Kegalesia to clean up his bones and then summoning a cleaner. His word upon defeated by RPM Ultrazord were him claim the battle isn't over to Rangers, but his Final words were a speech about how useless humans were.
Had been resurrected along with Danger Cabinet-Director Chirakasonne and several known villains by Black Cross Führer, during the giant battle against the Gokaigers, Goseigers, and whole collaboration of the Super Senshi. Has never encountered the Mega Rangers, nor in their Super Modes, nor any Power Ranger teams other than the Ranger Operators.
Did not appear in any extra seasons. Appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce.
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