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This page highlights the differences between The Legendary Blades and Quasar Quest.

Gingaman Ep. 1
Lost Galaxy Ep. 1


The Legendary Blades Quasar Quest
All members of Gingaman are of the same forest and the same tribe where the powers originate. Only Maya is from planet Mirinoi where the Galaxy powers originate; the other four Rangers are of Earth.
Introduces elements of space aspects such as the Seijuu and space pirates; but takes place completely on Earth. The powers are all from the planet Mirinoi and is completely bound by space; only four of the Rangers are from Earth but headed into space on the Terra Venture satellite.
Powers are granted in a ceremony based on the lineage of the original Gingamen and the five tribes of the Ginga Forest. Powers are granted by those who can pull the Quasar Sabers from their stone alter on Mirinoi.
The team goes into action due to the raising of Daitanix and the resurrection of Captain Zahab and the Space Pirates Balban. The team goes into action due to Furio invading Mirinoi for Scorpius to obtain the Quasar Sabers power; has nothing to do with Captain Mutiny and the pirates of the Lost Galaxy.
Hyuuga is meant to be GingaRed, but passes the power to his brother Ryouma when he is thrown into a ravine by the Balban to his death. Mike Corbett pulls the Galaxy Red Quasar Saber, but passes the power to his brother Leo when he is thrown into a ravine by Furio to his death.
Has no connections to Megaranger or any previous Super Sentai. Involves elements from previous Power Rangers season, such as Alpha 6, the revival of the Astro Megaship and Bulk and Professor Phenomenus joining the Terra Venture expedition.
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