This article is about a/an comparison of episodes in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Case File 50: To an Infinite Tomorrow and The End of Time.

Timeranger Ep. 50
Time Force Ep. 40


To an Infinite Tomorrow The End of Time
The four rogue Timeranger must steal TimeJet Gamma to return to 2001 to stop the Great Annihilation. The four rogue Time Force Rangers are given the Time Force Megazord Jet Mode to return to 2001 to stop Doomtron and save Wes.
Ayase kills Captain Ryuya for attempting to control the flow of time for his own survival; Yuri merely assists in the journey. Jen returns an engagement ring to Alex to break their engagement due to her feelings for Wes; Lucas merely assists in the journey.
The final crisis concludes with V-Rex's energy source being changed from Lambda 2000 to Zeta-3 and stopping Gien and NeoCrisis. The final crisis concludes with Q-Rex's energy source being changed, stopping Frax and Doomtron, and ultimately stopping Ransik.
Don Dolnero is already dead & Lila's fate remains unknown after she abandons the Londerz. Ransik turns himself in peacefully after nearly killing his daughter Nadira and a baby she was protecting while trying to attack Jen; Gluto previously chose to have himself cryogenically frozen for prison.
After stopping NeoCrisis, all of the Timeranger other than Tatsuya fade back into their proper timeline. After stopping Doomtron and arresting Ransik, all of the Time Force other than Wes & Eric return to their time via Time Ship.
Ayase's fate from the Osiris Syndrome remains unknown after returning to the 31st century. Lucas' fate remains as a member of Time Force.
Domon unknowingly has a child left in the past after he returns to his time. Katie leaves no children behind in the 21st century.
Tatsuya and his father fail to reconcile but do come to an understanding of Tatsuya finding his own way in the world. Wes and Mr. Collins reconcile and Wes becomes the new leader of the Silver Guardians.
Takizawa died in the previous episode and did not join the Timerangers. Eric remains alive, even he didn't helped the Time Force Rangers in the final battle against Ransik.
The Timeranger do not return other than crossovers with every other Sentai squadron. Time Force eventually team up with Wild Force, their successor team.
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