This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between the Carrangers and the Turbo Rangers.

Carranger title
Turbo Rangers


Carrangers Turbo Rangers
Are a comedic Sentai team. Are a more serious team.
Gained the powers from Kurumagic Power. Upgraded their powers from the Zeo Crystal.
Have no returning Sentai members. Was originally comprised of four original Zeo Rangers and one new ranger.
Were all adults. Had a team of 4 teenagers and one child.
Never replaced any of their team members. Their red, green, yellow, and pink rangers were all replaced during the series.
VRV Master was a lone wolf hero with debatable Extra Hero status. Phantom Ranger is the official sixth ranger of the Turbo Rangers.
Signalman was an alien from the planet Police. Blue Senturion was a robot from the future, sent to warn the Ranger's about the Millennium Message.
Had a Sentai ranger wannabe and ally, White Racer. Had no wannabe allies.
All worked at an automobile garage. None of them worked had a full time job.
Successfully defeated the villain of their season by the finale. Were initially defeated by their villain, and did not succeed until the following season.
Did not become the Megarangers after the end of their season. Became the Space Rangers when the Turbo Ranger powers disappeared in the following season.
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