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This page highlights the differences between Captain Zahab and Trakeena.

Captain Zahab


Captain Zahab Trakeena
He is a Pirate Captain. She is a Insectoid Princess/Queen.
No family relation to any of the other villains. Was the daughter of Scorpius.
Armed with a Sword and a Hook. Armed with a Staff.
He is responsible for killing Krantz with his sword. She never killed Zika, but her father Scorpius did kill him instead.
He felt very sorry for Steerwoman Shelinda, because she was killed by Hayate and he became very heartbroken and vengeful. She never felt very sorry for Villamax, because she was forcibly fused with Deviot, making her kill him.
He never framed Sword General Budoh, but Spectral Empress Iliess and Barreled Scholar Bucrates did frame him, instead. She is responsible for framing Treacheron, but not Kegler or Hexuba.
Never had any connection with Biznella, apart from being on the same side, and his sanity was safe and secure, until the death of Steerwoman Shelinda, then he became very heartbroken and vengeful. Forcibly fused with Deviot, after the latter dragged both of them into the cocoon. This fusion caused her to become highly ruthless and insane.
He never teamed up with Darkness King Gill or the Psyma Family. She teamed up with Triskull, but not the Demons.
He never battled against GoGoFive. She battled against the Lightspeed Rangers.
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