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This page highlights the differences between Captain Zahab and Captain Mutiny.

Captain Zahab
LG Mutiny
Captain Mutiny


Captain Zahab Captain Mutiny
Was the main villain in Gingaman. Was only a side-villain, just appearing for a few episodes. And was the third villain boss to appear after Scorpius and Trakeena.
Was a remorseful pirate captain, who merely scolds his underlings, if they either fail, or betray him. Was a remorseless, pure evil, pirate captain, who captures, and sometimes, kills some of his slaves, and either, scolds, or physically abuses his underlings, regardless if they fail or betray him.
Desired to awaken Daitanix in order to destroy the Earth and turn it into a jewel. Wanted to loot Terra Venture and enslave the people.
Was sealed away for 3000 years by the past Gingaman Was locked within the Lost Galaxy; never had any association with Earth or Terra Venture
Was destroyed by the Black Knight and the Gingamen in an all-out battle. Was destroyed by Trakeena who destroyed his castle.
His left hand was cut off by the First Generation of Ginga Red and replaced with a Hook. His Hook hand incident is unknown.
He will never get killed by Steerwoman Shelinda, because She is very loyal to him and followed his orders. He was killed by Trakeena.
Had four commanders on his crew; as well as working with Steerwoman Shelinda, Black Marketeer Biznella and Barreled Scholar Bucrates Barbarax was his only commander, with Deviot assisting after his arrival in the Lost Galaxy; never allied with Villamax, Treacheron, Furio, Trakeena or Kegler although he did work with Hexuba.