The page highlights the differences between BurnerZord and Infernodrone.




BurnerZord Infernodrone
Created from the data of Burnerloid, a monster created from a gas cylinder. Created from the data of Infernotron whose creation object is unknown but may have been a fireplace.
Sentient and did not require a pilot. Personally piloted by Scrozzle as part of his ultimate revenge plan against the Rangers.
First MegaZord to be faced by all three Buster Vehicles at once. Last of many Gigadrones to face all three of the Beast Morphers Zords.
Mission was to gather Enertron from the main containment facility, Mission was simply to be used as Scrozzle's way of avenging himself on the Beast Morphers Rangers.
Died by itself and was not known to take anyone with it. Scrozzle was seemingly killed by the destruction of his personal Gigadrone.
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