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This page highlights the differences between Buldont and Prince Sprocket
Prince Sprocket


Buldont Sprocket
Was the only son of Emperor Bacchus Wrath Was the second son of King Mondo
Started a movie production company named Buldont Studios to make a movie with humans as actors with the intent of making their death scenes real. Started a movie production company named Buldont Studios to film a universe-spanning, big budget film, casting the Zeo Rangers as the stars in an attempt to destroy them.
Became Kaiser Buldont after his father passed his powers onto him.

Remained a child.

Didn't have any siblings. Had an older brother, Prince Gasket
Died during Chouriki Sentai Ohranger's finale. (As Kaiser Buldont) Briefly rejoiced upon his brother, Gasket's defeat until the latter was revealed to still be alive right before departing away.

Died offscreen in Power Rangers in Space's finale from Zordon's energy wave.

Cousin, and later husband of Princess Multiwa

Brother-in-law of Princess Archerina
He never rejoiced when a machine beast is destroyed by the Ohrangers. He was happy when his brother, Gasket, was supposedly destroyed by the rangers, but it turned out that Gasket survived.
He tricked Gunmazin into fighting the Ohrangers by claiming he wanted to ride inside Choju Gattai OhBlocker. He tricked Auric the Conqueror into fighting the Power Rangers by claiming they were evil. He didn't ask to ride inside the Super Zeo Megazord.
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