This page highlights the differences between Bomber the Great and Louie Kaboom

Bomber the Great
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Louie Kaboom


Bomber the Great Louie Kaboom
Bomber lasted 7 episodes. Louie lasted 5 episodes.
Bomber was cold, ruthless, calculative, abusive, manipulative, and a diabolical mastermind. Louie was at first an incompetent rocket-themed android, but later grew into a very tyrannical mastermind of a machine king after he was rewired.
Bomber is a Machine Beast. Louie had no connection to the Machine Empire prior to his creation.
Previously the finest military officer of the Machine Empire Baranoia. Never held a title in the Machine Empire other than leader
Bomber spoke with a harsh, gruff voice. Louie spoke with a voice similar to that of a Brooklyn rapper.
Bomber had no connection to previous Sentai villains. Louie was created by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd in hopes to take control of the Machine Empire.
Arrived on the Moon from space. Arrived on the Moon from Earth.
Bomber has encountered, and becomes the rival of Gunmazin, and is the first of the few villains to actually beat him. Unknown if he could beat Auric the Conqueror or not, because he has never faced him before.
Bomber challenged and blew up Buldont, before banishing him and Hysteria into space. Louie merely banished both Sprocket and Queen Machina.
Had four monsters serve under him: Bara Mammoth, Bara Skunk, Bara Police, and Bara Gold. Had three monsters serve under him: Tough Tusks, Stenchy, and the Midas Monster.
Bara Mammoth was built by the Machine Empire's workshops. Louie created Tough Tusks from Emily's elephant necklace.
Bara Mammoth was giant by default. Created Tough Tusks as a human sized monster and didn't grow until later.
Bomber the Great's undoing came when the (then still alive) Bacchus Wrath sacrificed his life to upgrade Buldont into his adult form and Buldont then getting his cousin Princess Multiwa involved. Undoing came when Prince Gasket and his wife Archerina arrived on the Moon to overthrow him and become the new leaders of the Machine Empire.
Bomber was defeated by Buldont and his cousin Multiwa, before being rewired and forced to fight the Ohrangers. Brainwashed by Archerina's love arrows into fighting the Zeo Rangers.
Had a missile launcher in place of a right hand because Multiwa cut his right hand off during the torture. Had a missile launcher in place of his right hand for unknown reasons.
Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation's Super Legend Beam. Killed by the Super Zeo Ultrazord's unnamed finishing move.
Expressed regret for working with Buldont as he was always a loner in his final moments. Expressed his "love" for Archerina in his final moments.
Final words were a lament. Final words were an expression of love.
Final words were him yelling that they got him because he took over the Machine Empire Baranoia and he should have kept to himself as he always a longer and saying goodbye to the Ohrangers. Final words were him asking Archerina to forgive him because he was unworthy of her supposed love.
After his defeat, Bomber returned to his original missile mode to destroy the sun, before being stopped once and for all by Gunmazin sending to the other side of space. Louie simply exploded upon his defeat.
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