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This page highlights the differences between Barreled Scholar Bucrates and Kegler.



Bucrates Kegler
An adviser of Captain Zahab. Never met Captain Mutiny but witnessed the death of Scorpius
Was constantly at odds with Sambash but gave him valuable hints for reviving Daitanix. Was a friend of Villamax.
Was the uncle of Iliess and Desphias. No relation to Hexuba and Rykon.
Grand Uncle to Medoumedou and Merudameruda. No relation to Impostra and Maronda.
Conspired to frame Budoh due to being scorned and his desire to have Iliess as Zahab's general. Never met Treacheron or Hexuba.
He blackmails Hyuuga to help him destroy Zahab. Does not blackmail Mike, and does not plot against Trakeena.
Forged the Knight Axe. Has no connection to the Defender Axe.
After being mortally wounded, he kills himself using a bomb to help Hyuuga escape the Balban unnoticed. Likely killed in the Scorpion Stinger when it crashed on one of Mirinoi's moons.
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