This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Baron Nero and Cosmo Royale.

Baron Nero
Cosmo Royale


Baron Nero Cosmo Royale
Is one of the villains from ToQger, Shadow Line. Was never a part of the Kibaoni Army Corps or the Deboth Army. Is the host of the intergalactic game show, Galaxy Warriors and is one of the villains of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

NOTE: ToQger was never adapted for Power Rangers.

Has a pointed nose, red eyes, glasses, and brown skin. Has pointed ears, purple skin, yellow eyes and no nose. He even has alternate faces.
Is a disagreeing general who take his job seriously. Is energetic and a wise cracker.
Had no involvement with growing the monsters in either ToQger nor in Ninninger. Is the one who operates the Gigantify Ray from the Galaxy Warriors ship to grow the contestants.
Was loyal to only one main villain. After having survived the ship's impact of the ninja steel meteor, he worked for Madame Odius after Galvanax's death.
Did not turn Rodeomaru evil. That was done by Yokai Futakuchi-onna. Turned the Robo Rider Zord evil as part of his plan in Grave Robber.
Meets his end when Emperor of Darkness Z absorbs him. Meets his end when Victor Vincent and Monty uses the explosives to explode the Warrior Dome.
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