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This page highlights the differences between Bara Revenger and Defector.
Bara Revenger


Bara Revenger Defector
Genuinely defected from Baranoia, as he felt compassion for others, which Bacchus considered a weakness, punishable by death. Pretended to defect from the Machine Empire to make the rangers trust him.
Created itself from parts of discarded robots Bacchus Wrath saw as weak. Created by Klank from discarded parts.
Tried to kill Bacchus Wrath, causing him to be thrown to Earth. Did not fight King Mondo legitimately and was teleported to earth by him.
Came over as serious, intelligent and tragic. Came over as slightly dimwitted and singleminded.
Saved a dog from a car because he felt compassion for living beings. Saved a dog from a car to make the rangers believe he was good.
Formed some sort of bond with Yuji Mita, as Yuji felt he could trust Revenger; to the point of sharing his Superpower from his Storage Crystal. Did not form a genuine bond with any of the rangers or Alpha.
Acha forcibly took control of him to make him fight the Ohrangers. Klank did not need to take control of him, as he only pretended to defect.
Yuji dealt him a mortal blow to put him out of his misery, at Revenger's insistence. Rocky fought Defector, as he felt stupid for trusting the monster.
Said goodbye to the Ohrangers on friendly terms and finally died in a scrapyard after petting a small dog. Was instantly destroyed by Rocky with the Defender Wheel.
Was not grown by Acha and Kocha because he was truly good and not evil like they wanted him to be and thus he was deemed a failure. Was not grown by Klank & Orbus because they were not involved in the scheme.
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