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This page highlights the differences between Bara Printer and Robocupid.

Bara Printer
[[|Bara Printer/Robocupid]]


Bara Printer Robocupid
Was male. Was female.
Appeared in one episode. Appeared in two episodes.
Was the main antagonist of his focus episode. Was one of two monsters used in a three-part episode, the other being Defoliator.
Could scan an image of an object and use it to make people fall in love with it. Could make people fall in love with a nearby machine. Couldn't scan an image of an object.
Was potentially plotting to use its powers to make humanity "fall in love" with Bacchus Wrath, only for Shouhei to trick Acha into convincing it to make him the main focus. Had no general plans involving either Mondo or Klank.
Ohranger had difficulty fighting him due to not being able to look him in the face without getting hit by his love ray. The Zeo Rangers had no real trouble with fighting her.
Intended to make Oh Green fall in love with Acha, only to be tricked into hitting a mirror and have his love ray bounce back and hit him instead. Spotted a mirror at an industrial area and confused her reflection for a random woman that she intended to hit, only for her love ray to bounce back and hit her, causing her to instantly fall in love with Klank, who she saw after accidentally hitting herself.
Fought all 5 rangers at the same time, with green being his main opponent. Fought against Zeo Rangers 2-4, with green being her biggest opponent. Zeo Rangers 1 & 5 joined in later on.
His spell was broken when Kocha was forced to short out his "love at first sight" circuit to get him to stop loving Acha. Orbus hitting her only snapped her back to her senses, getting her to stop loving Klank. Her spell was broken completely upon her destruction.
Was destroyed by Ohranger Robo, but rebuilt later on and fought the Blocker Robos, only for it to be buried alive in a cave-in with Bara Vanish, Darts, Magma Vaccum & Ivy. Was destroyed by the Zeo Megazord. Later reappeared at the end of Adam's nightmare with Silo, Boohoo the Clown, People Pitcher, Fortissimodo & Mean Screen.
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