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This page highlights the differences between Bara Ivy and the Varox.

Bara Ivy
[[|B. Ivy/Borax]]
The Varox


Bara Ivy Borax
Machine Beasts constructed by Baranoia. One of them allied himself with the Machine Empire while the others did not.
Used to make human scientist Seiichi "Genius" Kuroda believe that he had become a machine being. The Varox are unaffiliated with the Machine Empire prior to Mondo bringing one of them named Borax in.
No other members of his squadron other than itself; merely had another copy made to fight the Choju Gattai OhBlocker. Borax was a member of a squadron of Varox Bounty Hunters.
Fought prior to the awakening of KingRanger in modern times. Specifically brought in to track down and defeat the Gold Ranger.

After when Borax was destroyed, the other seven Varox went on to pursue the Gold Ranger before shooting him down to Aquatar.

Was defeated by the Big Bang Buster initially; never encountered the Ole Bazooka. Shot down at one point by the Zeo Power Cannon; never encountered the Zeo Blaster.
Was silent. Can speak.
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