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This page highlights the differences between Bara Faucet and Leaky Faucet.

Bara Faucet
[[|B. Faucet/Leaky Faucet]]
Leaky Faucet


Bara Faucet Leaky Faucet
Came after Bara Gusuka. Was dispatched before Somnibot.
Rebuilt by Empress Hysteria from Faucetchuck. Rebuilt by both Mondo and Machina from the original Leaky Faucet.
Set up special faucets that released a "diet drink" that made people lose control of their rational behavior. Released an oily-like substance to turn water toxic.
Mainly adjusted the liquids from the outside but used pipes as a means of transport. Used the pipes as the means of distributing as he went through them.
Had a Human Form Did not have human form
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