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This page highlights the differences between Bara Darts and Defoliator.

Bara Darts
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Bara Darts Defoliator
Bara Darts possessed a poison that rusted to death anything struck by it, from plants to people. Defoliator increased the temperature, only affecting plants, not people.
Bara Darts briefly had Juri Nijou working for him before she revealed she was trying to use him to gain an antidote. Defoliator never had Tanya Sloan work for him.
Bara Darts fought normal size before becoming a giant. Defoliator first fought the Zeo Rangers as a giant before being defeated normal size.
Bara Darts was the main villain of his focus episode. Defoliator was one of two monsters used in a three-part episode, the other being Robocupid.
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