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This page highlights the differences between Bara Boxer and Punch-A-Bunch.

Bara Boxer
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Bara Boxer Punch-A-Bunch
Bara Boxer is built specifically to fight Shouhei Yokkaichi in order to gain skills to fight Gorou's Red Puncher. Punch-A-Bunch is built merely to fight the Zeo Rangers.
Bara Boxer hurt Shouhei's hand when OhGreen is forced to use his Flying Punch against it, forcing him to stop fighting the rest of the battle. Punch-A-Bunch captured Adam and turned him into a trophy.
Bara Boxer defeats Red Puncher initially with Shouhei's Flying Punch, but withdraws due to breaking its glove. Punch-A-Bunch defeats the Red Battlezord with a flying fist technique it knew on its own, but withdraws due to breaking its glove.
Bara Boxer forces Gorou Hoshino to learn boxing techniques to defeat it. Punch-A-Bunch had no particular strategy was learned by Tommy Oliver to defeat it.
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