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This page highlights the differences between Banki Clan Gaiark and Venjix Computer Network.

Venjix Network


Banki Clan Gaiark Venjix Computer Network
Is a group of mechanical lifeforms desiring on polluted environment. Is a military group consist of robots serving under Venjix Virus.
Former residents of the Machine World, they came to Earth on the verge of defeat and extinction, wanting to recreate Earth in their own image, creating a polluted environment in which they can thrive. Originally a virus created to help Doctor K escape Alphabet Soup, until K's captors recaptured her and she was unable to stop it from spreading further and it decided to destroy humanity and replace it with machines, creating the rest of its army for this task. The entire story takes place on an alternate Earth (some parts of it represented by Machine World sentai footage.)
Has been operating on Earth for a year, since mid-2007 until early 2009, and frequently targeted Japan first before the whole Earth. Has been operating on Earth for four years, while successfully conquering most of the region, leaving Corinth as their next target.
Has made alliances with Rinjuken Akugata and Gedoushu. Has made alliances with the Nighloks but never met the Dai Shi Clan.
Operated under multiple leaders. Operated under one, single leader.
Majority of its members on Earth destroyed by the Go-Ongers or through infighting, with several few survivors operating in other Braneworlds, leaving the clan still in existence. All members supposedly destroyed after Venjix's destruction, but one general survives via reconstruction and continues in the prime reality's Earth until he was stopped by the Super Megaforce, thus the network is officially defunct.
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