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This page highlights the differences between Bandora Gang and Evil Space Aliens.
Bandora Gang
Evil Space Aliens


Bandora Gang Evil Space Aliens
Led by Witch Bandora, who worshipped a higher being, Dai-Satan. Led by Lord Zedd, who left command in the hands of Rita Repulsa until he returned.
Dai-Satan was the true leader of this group. He was also the final villain the Zyurangers destroyed. Lokar was just one of Rita's monsters, who did not hold any power over her.
Were imprisoned on the planet Nemesis. Were imprisoned on the moon.
All members were sealed in a prison once again, which was launched into space.

Only Rita Repulsa was sealed in a space dumpster while the others continued working for Lord Zedd.

This group was finally defeated when it was hit by Zordon's energy wave, which either purified some members, turning them into humans or destroyed them.

Most monsters are clay constructs made by Pleplechaun which are based on magical beings who lived on prehistoric earth. Several others are in fact neutral creatures who are either forced to work for Bandora or led to believe the Zyurangers are their enemies. Most of the monsters are clay constructs created by Finster while others are created by Rita's own magic, none of which are explicitly based on anything.
Had no relations to the Youkai Army Corps, Daimaou, or Gasha Skull. Master Vile and Rito Revolto were Rita's father and brother respectively. Rito joins this group by the third season while Master Vile temporarily aligns himself with the group while searching for the Zeo Crystal.
Has no connection to the Gorma Tribe, Youkai Army Corps, Machine Empire Baranoia, Space Bosozoku Bowzock, or Wicked Electric Kingdom Nezirejia; however, one member does have an evil embodiment that worked with elements of the Invasion Garden Evolian and Deboth Army. This faction is part of the United Alliance of Evil, which consists of the Evil Space Aliens, Machine Empire, Divatox's Crew, and Astronema's forces; has no connection to Mesogog's army or Sledge's Outlaws.
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