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This page highlights the differences between BakurenOh and Blizzard Force Megazord.

BakurenOh vs. Blizzard Force Megazord


Bakurenoh Blizzard Force Megazord
Individual components were seen in action. Was only seen in Megazord form.
Components were willfully evil mecha that tried to freeze Dino Earth but were imprisoned by the sacrifice of Princess Freezia before eventually being relocated. Was controlled by Mesogog and is not known to have ever left Earth.
Invasion Garden Evolian intended to use BakurenOh to provide Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya with a body, with DezumoVoorla reviving it after it was defeated by KillerAbarenOh. Only engaged the Dino Rangers and their Zords on one occasion, and never fought against the Dino Rage Megazord (which didn't even appear in the show). It's energy was used to increase the power of Ugly Monster.
Severed Bakuryuu Gattai AbarenOh's drill arm and employed it in battle. Did not utilize the Thundersaurus Megazord's drill.
Never featured an equivalent mecha to Bakuryuu Pteranodon. The toyline version included a recolored Pterazord along with different color schemes for the Carnozord and Chasmozord.
Was left dormant at the bottom of Tokyo Bay as a result of its defeats. Disappeared at the same time that the Ugly Monster reappeared and was never seen again.
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