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This page highlights the differences between BB Donpa and Wolfgang Amadeus Griller.

BB Donpa
PRT Wolfgang Armadeus Griller
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Wolfgang Amadeus Griller


BB Donpa WA Griller
BB Donpa appeared in the 2nd episode. WA Griller appeared in the 14th episode.
BB Donpa appeared one episode after Reckless-Driving Fire Engine. WA Griller appeared 3 episodes after Blazinator.
BB Donpa is nicknamed the "Beethoven" of outer space. WA Griller named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
BB Donpa is the Bowzock's music conductor. WA Griller is an apparently famous musical performer.
BB Donpa hired by the Bowzock for thier schemes. WA Griller appeared on the Subcraft unprompted. No association with Divatox's Crew otherwise.
BB Donpa appeared for an entire episode. WA Griller appeared for less than five minutes.
BB Donpa wanted to create a ruckus with cars and horns so aliens would arrive and blow up Earth to stop the racket. WA Griller wanted to kill the Turbo Rangers and destroy Angel Grove by controlling cars and dropping them on the Rangers.
BB Donpa was defeated by the Carrangers's Giga Formula, but survived only to be killed shortly thereafter. WA Griller was killed by the Rangers but they did not deploy the Turbo R.A.M.
BB Donpa was killed by a ray launched by the aliens. WA Griller was killed by a combination of Tommy's Auto Blaster and the Blue Senturion's Senturion Synergizer.
Killed because he was responsible for causing the horrendous noise. Killed because he was evil and refused to concede.
BB Donpa was killed on the bridge of the Baribarian. WA Griller was killed on a street in Angel Grove.
BB Donpa was vaporized. WA Griller exploded.
BB Donpa's final words were spoken when returning to the Baribarian. WA Griller's final words were spoken after being informed that him playing his music was a violation of Code 4018 by the Blue Senturion shortly before being gunned down.
Final words were him announcing that he was home. Final words were him saying that he didn't care about breaking the law or about the accompanying ticket.
Only his arm was left. Nothing was left of him after he exploded.
BB Donpa not grown giant since the special Imo-youkan needed for him to do so had not been discovered yet. WA Griller did not grown giant because he was useless and not worth the effort (presumably).
BB Donpa appeared once more in episode 9 in a dream Kyosuke had where he battled RV Robo. WA Griller did not return in a future episode, did not appear in "Transmission Impossible", T.J. did not dream of him, and he never battled the Turbo Megazord.
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