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TimeBlue/Time Force Blue

This page highlights the differences between Ayase and Lucas Kendall.

Time Force Blue


Ayase Lucas Kendall
Ayase is the second-in-command of the Timerangers. Lucas was never second-in-command nor field commander of the Time Force Rangers.
Ayase has a deadpan sense of humor. Lucas is a womanizer.
Ayase argues with Domon almost constantly. Lucas has a good friendship with Katie.
Ayase has an incurable illness. Lucas has normal health.
Ayase killed Captain Ryuya. Lucas never killed Alex nor Captain Logan.
Ayase didn't have a relationship with Lila. Lucas had a relationship with Nadira.
Ayase never teamed up with the Gaorangers. Lucas teamed up with the Wild Force Rangers.
Ayase did not appear in any extra seasons. Lucas appeared in Power Rangers HyperForce.

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