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This page highlights the differences between Asuka and Zeltrax.

Abare Black
Abare Burakku


Asuka Zeltrax
Used the Armor of Darkness & became AbareBlack after it was removed. Never become the Black Dino Ranger, but was a former friend of Tommy Oliver who is the Black Dino Ranger.
Was brainwashed into becoming evil by the armor's curse. Was evil willingly.
Was saved for good after the armor was destroyed after being removed for the second and final time. Was never saved and destroyed for good in the end.
His connection to Destruction Messenger Jannu is she is his wife Mahoro and also one of the armor's victims. His connection to Elsa is that she is one of his colleagues who unlike him reforms in the end.
Was forced to wear the armor a second time to save Mahoro before she and AbareKiller (who was unaware) later destroyed it for good. Possessed his powers all the time until his last appearance and never had possibilities of redemption.
Was not affiliated with Invasion Garden Evolian. Was affiliated with Mesogog's army, before he later betrayed Mesogog and went off on his own.
Had no relation to Giganoid 2: Hero, aside from being the one to destroy him. Goldenrod was his clone and surrogate son.
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