This article is about a/an comparison of arsenals in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Arsenal (Gingaman) and Arsenal (Lost Galaxy).

Arsenal (Gingaman)
Arsenal (Lost Galaxy)


Arsenal (Gingaman) Arsenal (Lost Galaxy)
Main mode of transportation was through horseback riding with their horses. Main mode of transportation was through the Jet Jammers, though the core male members also had the Astro Cycles and the Red Galaxy Ranger was able to ride a horse on one occasion.
Galeo Pulsar is created by the Lights of Ginga by temporarily removing the Beast Armor upgrades from the Gingamen while in use. Red Capsular Cycle is created by transforming the Red Astro Cycle.
Beast Attack Rods were created by the team's mentor Wisdom Tree Moak The Quasar Launchers' origin is unknown.
Moak later created upgraded versions of the Beast Attack Rods which besides their regular forms, the Gingamen can use them in Beast Armor Shine form or human form. The upgraded Quasar Launchers are presumably created by the Lights of Orion upgrades and are only seen using them in Orion form.
Knight Axe can also be used by Black Knight while in regular form besides BullTaurus form. Defender Axe can only be used by Magna Defender while as Defender Torozord.
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