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This page highlights the differences between Akumaro Sujigarano and Serrator.

Akumaro Sujigarano


Akumaro Serrator
Was an imprisoned general freed from the river during the summer. Was the legendary Nighlok King and has been in the human world until reaching the Netherworld.
Though he created Uramasa by murdering Juzo's family, he did not turn him or Dayuu into Gedoushu. They did that all by themselves. Was the one who's turned Dayu and Deker into Nighloks as part of a deal with Dayu.
Tried to dispose Dokoku for his own goal to split the world open to ensure that Hell and Earth are one. ("Hell" being different from the world the Sanzu River resides in; Akumaro's plan has nothing to do with Dokoku's desire to flood the Earth so the Gedoushu could take over.) Tried to dispose of Xandred when realizing that he's grown to become a threat to his goals in conquering both Earth and the Netherworld. His plan was to bring down the barrier between Earth and the Netherworld ran the risk of destroying both worlds, something Xandred was unwilling to risk.
Spoke with the voice of that of a fancy, polite young man, who usually speaks with good manners. He also usually blames Dokoku for his failures. Spoke with, as his personality suggests, a deep, dark, cunning, deceptive, persuasive, teacher-like, and eloquently manipulative voice, who usually lied to, and tricked people to get what he wanted and complete his master plans, including his fellow generals and partner, Master Xandred.
Betrays Dokoku, due to growing tired of serving him and seeing him as an unfit leader of the Gedoshu. Betrays Xandred, due to becoming a threat to his goals in conquering both Earth and the Netherworld and wanting control of the Nighloks again.
Was critically wounded to the shoulder by Genta Umemori and later Juzo because his shoulder was his only weakspot. Critically injured by Antonio and later Deker because they landed powrful strikes. Is never given any indication of having a weakpoint (other than his own ego) and the only way to kill him is with overwhelming force.
Died laughing as he realized the pain from the fatal blow he received was "Hell". Died screaming that the Rangers had split him in half, which he wanted to do to their world.
Fought the Goseigers alongside Dayu and Juzo in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: GinmakuBang!!. Never encountered the Mega Rangers.
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