This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Gosei Black/Megaforce Black

This page highlights the differences between Agri and Jake Holling.

Gosei Black
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Megaforce Black


Agri Jake Holling
Is a Gosei angel-in-training stranded on Earth. Is a high school student.
Is naturally strong. Is a fitness buff.
Powers come from his native Angel tribe. Powers were given by Gosei as a high school student.
Is the older brother of Gosei Yellow, Moune. Is the classmate and also has a crush on Megaforce Yellow, Gia Moran.
Got promoted to Gosei Angel status at series end, and retained powers till the war. Didn’t become Gokai Green Gained a second (differently colored) Ranger power set on top of his current one later on.
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