This page highlights the differences between Advanced Yokai Binbogami and Versix.


Advanced Yokai Binbogami/Versix.


Binbogami Versix
Appeared in the Christmas episode. Appeared in the Halloween episode.
Appeared in the 40th episode. Appeared in the 21st episode (41st overall but the 38th chronologically).
Created from a Christmas stocking. Preexisting monster.
Minor Youkai of the Kibaoni Army Corps. Had no affiliation with Madame Odius or Galaxy Warriors (although he did know of the show).
Is a part of the Advanced Yokai, who is not a leader of the Deboss Army, Underground Hades Empire Infershia, nor the Rinjuken Akugata. Is the leader of the Gruesome Grunts, intergalactic criminals wanted by the Halloween Intergalactic Court. In order his familiar looking minions were Plasmora (ecycled from Necrolai), Shelldax (recycled from Snapper), and Ackshun (from an unused Dino Charge monster).
Last of the Advanced Youkai. Last living member of the Gruesome Grunts (prior to his death).
First seen as Santa. First seen when he ambushed the Rangers alongside the other Gruesome Grunts,
Scheme was to pose as Santa to give rings which would grant a person unlimited wealth before taking away said wealth, creating fear to assist in the revival of Gengetsu Kibaoni. Scheme was to switch bodies with the Ninja Steel Rangers so that they could get vaporised in place of the Grunts where they would both be free forever and get the Power Stars as a bonus. Plans did not involved Galvanax as it is unclear if they even met.
Never switched the Ninningers bodies with any other Yokai, nor any members of the Deboss Army, the Underground Hades Empire Infershia, nor the Rinjuken Akugata. Switched the rangers bodies with the bodies of the Gruesome Grunts as part of a plan on destroying the Rangers.
Was not impersonated by Tsumuji Igasaki. Was impersonated by Mick, who confessed to switching the rangers bodies, thereby ruining his scheme.
Fled to the docks after his identity was ousted by Kasumi's Youkai FInder Device. Fled to the docks after his deception was revealed by Mick.
Undoing was Kasumi's Youkai Finder. Undoing was that Mick was able to impersonate him.
Killed by the Transcendantally Mega Hot Dual Shuriken Strike. Survived the Lion Fire Flame Strike and then the Lion Fire Double Super Strike despite being weakened by the former.
Was grown by Kyuemon Izayoi. Used his own magic to make himself grow since he survived thier attempts to kill him (since he was not affiliated with Galaxy Warriors so could not be Gigantified).
Said that he guessed even he looked a bit much at his new size when enlarged. Only laughed when enlarged.
Attack that broke apart Ha-Oh Shurikenjin was called the Youkai Sorcery: Unfourtunate Shakedown. Attack that broke apart the Ninja Ultrazord went unnamed.
Final words were him wishing everyone a Merry Christmas (from the battlefield in what is likely a refference to the football games played between germany and Britain on Christmas in WW1). Final words were him complaining that he didn't even get any sweets this Halloween.
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