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This page highlights the differences between Absolute God N Ma and Octomus the Master.


N Ma/Octomus


Absolute God N Ma Octomus the Master
His name, N Ma, was mentioned several times in the show itself. Was only referred to as "the Master" in the show. The name Octomus comes from supplementary material.
Only corrupted and brainwashed Isamu Ozu, turning him into Wolzard. Aside from Leanbow, he also managed to temporarily corrupt Nick Russell, turning him into a second Korrag.
Did not encounter any characters outside of Magiranger, as Magiel was native to that series. Had an encounter with a reformed Rita Repulsa, now renamed as Mystic Mother.
Was defeated by the magic generated by the sense of family shared by the members of the Ozu Family. Was destroyed by the magic generated by the support of the people of Briarwood and it's adjacent mystical forest for the Mystic Rangers.
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