This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between the Abarangers and the Dino Rangers.

Dino Rangers


Abarangers Dino Rangers
Asuka was not a veteran Super Sentai and came from a parallel world. He only served as a mentor in the teams' earliest battles before regaining his powers as AbareBlack. Tommy Oliver was a veteran Power Ranger, and became the Black Dino Ranger and was the official mentor of the team.
Lost their Sixth Ranger, AbareKiller, when he sacrificed himself. The full team survived the entire season.
Had a ranger wannabe and self-proclaimed 200th Sentai, AbarePink. Did not have a ranger wannabe.
The Abaranger team did not keep their identities a secret. The Dino Thunder team usually kept their identities a secret.
The Abarangers were adults; however wannabe Abaranger Emiri was a high schooler. Excluding Tommy, the Dino Thunder team were teenagers and still in High School.
Excluding AbareKiller, the Abarangers were able to easily access Abare Mode with little difficulty, while AbareKiller had to learn how to use it on his own. None of the Dino Rangers were able to use their Super Dino Modes in the beginning and instead had to learn how to activate and use it on their own.
Fought alongside with Dekarangers in a movie teamup, but didn't erase their memories. Dino Thunder Team were had their memories erased after the event of team-up with SPD B-Squad Rangers for 2 different SPD episodes "History" & "Wormhole".
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