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"Round one is mine. Next comes the knockout!"
―Commandocon to Wes[src]

Commandocon is a hunting-inspired commando-themed mutant who can create time portals and sent by Ransik to find Quantasaurus Rex. He is the main antagonist of the two parted episode "Clash for Control".


Commandocon like all other mutants was created in the result ot the science accident. This clumsy mutant was naive, but very powerful and dangerous. Before the events of this season, Commandocon was captured and frozen in the Cryo-Prison. He was released in the fourteenth episode by Ransik to find the Q-Rex in the past. Ransik choosed Commandocon, because he could open portals to the past. The mutant came to the city and opened portal to the past and found Q-Rex. The mutant took control over Quantasaurus with mind controling weapon. Wes and Eric followed him, but couldn't stop the villain. Later Commandocon travelled back to the future and ordered Q-Rex to destroy the city. The rangers summoned the Time Force Megazord and Shadow Force Megazord, but even together they couldn't defeat the Quantasaurus Zord. Commandocon and Rex left the city and went to the jungle. Then they returned again. Now he battled with rangers, while the silver guardians tried to evacuate people in the town. Now rangers summoned all their Zords and tried to battle the Rex again. This time they nearly defeated Rex. Commandocon saw it and removed chain of his DNA and enlarged himself. Together they battled Time Force Zords. Eventually Eric destroyed the mind controlling weapon and freed Rex from mutant's control. Eric restored control over the Rex and ordered to capture Commandocon. Rex transformed into the megazord and battled the mutant. Commandocon tried to battle the Quanta Zord, but was finally defeated and frozen by Vortex strike.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left thigh.


Commandocon is very nasty, clumsy, uncaring and selfish. But he is very intelligent, cunning and manipulative. Like many other mutants, he loves to laugh at rangers, but when he fights, he does it seriously. Commandocon is arrogant, stubborn and power-hungry, thinks he is the best and wants to destroy city at any means. But he also shows cowardly side, because he is shown to be paranoidal and fears to loose the battle.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Commandocon possesses great strength to overpower the Rangers.
  • Skilled Fighter: Commandocon is skilled in battle and was able to match the Rangers.
  • Time portals: Commandocon can create time portals, which can teleport to the other times.
  • Enlarging: Like all other mutants, Commandocon can enlarge himself using his Seal Patch.


  • Mace: Commandocon use mace, which can create portals and control Rex.

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