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Commander Ibuki (伊吹長官, Ibuki-chōkan?) is the leader of the Earth Defense Force's Dengeki Squadron, known for his cruel training methods, including shooting at his own soldiers and making them continue training through the most extreme measures. The reasoning for his training was both in preparation for the arrival of an extraterrestrial invasion force (which would be revealed as the Gozma Empire), as well as to push his soldiers to find the mysterious "Earth Power", which he theorized was on the planet and figured would be needed to fight against the invaders. When five soldiers finally find the Earth Power and become the Changeman, Ibuki takes them in and leads them into combat against the Gozma, seeing them as Earth's best weapon for fighting the alien force.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 1: Arrival! Secret Power!

Yui Ibuki's true form

Ibuki seems cruel at first but has a caring side too. Eventually, he is revealed to be Yui Ibuki (ユイ・イブキ) of Planet Heath which was destroyed by Gozma.

Turboranger clipshow

Commander Yui Ibuki appears in the clips from Dengeki Sentai Changeman seen in the first episode of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.

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