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"You have trained well. With your Badges of Darkness, and with me as your leader, we shall destroy the Power Rangers! Eh heh ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Commander Crayfish's first words when taking command of the Mutant Rangers.[src]

"So you've come to play?"
―Commander Crayfish when the Power Rangers arrived.[src]

"It's Mutant Time! Ha ha ha ha ha! Now we'll show you who the REAL Rangers are!"
―Commander Crayfish's roll call.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Whadya think of me now?!"
―Commander Crayfish upon being enlarged.[src]

"Huh?! Hold it! Pull back! Pull back!"
―Commander Crayfish reacting to the Dino Ultrazord and his final words before his death[src]

Commander Crayfish was a crayfish monster who led the Mutant Rangers and served as the main antagonist of the episode "Mighty Morphin' Mutants".


Rita plans to create the Mutant Rangers to destroy the real Power Rangers so five Putties are chosen for this role and they use the Badges of Darkness to transform into evil clones of the Rangers. Commander Crayfish is subsequently created by Finster on the orders of Rita to lead the team since Goldar has crushed the Red Badge of Darkness after the prospective Putty fell miserably short. Commander Crayfish is finished just after the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers make their presence known to Kimberly and Tommy, assuming command when he meets with them at the beach, Sometime later, the Power Rangers are sent to the shoreline by Zordon to prevent them from invading Angel Grove but the team is unfazed and Commander Crayfish leads the morph. He flips into action with his Mutant Power Sword, a similar corrupted version of Jason's Power Sword. However, Tommy (who has been doing his homework and not not kept his Communicator on him) arrives and jump kicks Commander Crayfish down so he summon the Green Mutant Ranger who has been kept in reserve. Even with all six Rangers now in combat, the Mutant Rangers are forced to regroup when Tommy overwhelms them and combine their weapons into the Mutant Power Blaster. Once fired, it takes all six down but they are still able to bid a hasty retreat to the Mutant Rangers' delight. Unfortunately for the Evil Rangers, the Power Rangers gain upgraded versions of their regular Power Weapons and are able to deliver a complete thrashing to their counterparts. In desperation, the Mutant Rangers form the Mutant Blaster whilst the Power Rangers form their Power Blaster. In a Blaster vs. Blaster fight, the new weapons proves too much for Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, outright destroying the Yellow and Pink Mutant Rangers immediately and knocking out the other four.

Rita then makes Commander Crayfish and the male Mutant Rangers grow so the Rangers form the Megazord and call upon the Dragonzord. Commander Crayfish fights the original Megazord whilst the Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers all took on the Dragonzord. Commander Crayfish grapples with the original Megazord and, despite being thrown off by it, easily slashes it. Despite this, a second slash is blocked and a smack to the face knocks him back and, although the Dragonzord is heavily outnumbered, it manages to throw down the Green Mutant Ranger and overwhelm the other two. With them once again finding no success, the Mutant Rangers decide to mix things up by forming a pyramid with Commander Crayfish on top. This puts him above the range of the Dragonzord's missiles and so, because the Rangers are not being very bright, the Zords advance to try and knock them over with brute strength. However, the Blue and Black Mutant Rangers kick back the Zords before Commander Crayfish has the Green Mutant Ranger blast them with his Pyro Blast. Unfortunately for the Mutant Rangers, the real Power Rangers form the Dino Ultrazord which scares Commander Crayfish and he tells his teammates to back him off. However, they are far two slow so the original Ultrazord opens fire and mows down all four which makes them four fall into a large pile and explode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin' Mutants

A few months later, after half of the Power Rangers were replaced and Tommy became the new White Ranger and leader of the Power Rangers, new Red Ranger Rocky DeSantos is acting as a volunteer lifeguard at Angel Grove Lake and is trying to motivate a paranoid child named Dougie by claiming that he has never seen a monster in the lake. Inspired, Lord Zedd decides to bring forth an army of fish monsters to destroy the Power Rangers through sheer numbers and prove Rocky wrong. After the [[Slippery Shark beats down Rocky, new Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell and Billy with help from Pirantishead and the Goo Fish Zedd has Goldar send down the “Cruel Crayfish” to finish things off. After the Goo Fish kicks down Aisha, Commander Crayfish jumps in from high in the air to try and impale her but Billy thankfully pulls her out of the way. Fortunately, Alpha finally gets through to Tommy as he and the remaining two Rangers emerge from the ocean and has them morph to help. The monsters are all amazed at the new arrivals but they and the Rangers then pile in for one big brawl only for Commander Crayfish and her cohorts to lose horribly. With his scheme falling apart, Zedd creates the Tube Monster and uses a Growth Bomb to make him giant in order to destroy Angel Grove whilst the Power Rangers are busy.  However, due to Zedd not thinking out his plan correctly, Tommy elects to remain behind to battle the other aquatic monsters whilst the other Power Rangers summon their Thunderzords.  After the Goo Fish kicks down Aisha, Commander Crayfish jumps in from high in the air to try and impale her but Billy thankfully pulls her out of the way. Whilst the Thunder Megazord slays the Tube Monster, Tommy lightning slashes his way through the fish monsters with Saba which causes them to collapse on their backs and cease to exist. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Reel Fish Story


Commander Crayfish was a fierce and determined monster, that would not stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers but was also shown to be talented and authoritative leader, as he led the Mutant Rangers. However, above all else, he was also loyal to Rita and Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Skilled Fighter: In addition to his strength, Commander Crayfish was also a skilled fighter since he managed to completely overwhelm Jason and match the Megazord all by himself.
  • Super Jumps-As seen in his second appearance, Commander Crayfish could jump insanely high into the air.
  • Mutant Ranger Summoning: When Tommy arrived to the fight, Commander Crayfish summoned the Green Mutant Ranger to the field.


  • Strength: Commander Crayfish possessed a big deal of strength, matching and overwhelming Jason with incredible ease.
  • Durability: Commander Crayfish shrugged off multiple slashes from Jason's Power Sword and even the enhanced Power Blaster did little more than knock him and his fellow male Rangers to the ground.


  • Mutant Power Sword: Commander Crayfish wielded a crooked version of Jason's Power Sword.
  • Pincers-Commander Crayfish had razor sharp pincer arms to try and stab his enemies. These were only used in his second appearance and were his only weapons after being revived.

Behind The Scenes


  • In his first appearance, Commander Crayfish was voiced by Tom Wyner who gave him a similar voice to Bones and by extension the Dark Warrior (who also had Bones' voice).
  • In his second appearance, the “Cruel Crayfish” was voiced by Wendee Lee who previously voiced Scorpina but only provided evil laughs.


  • Commander Crayfish comes from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • Strangely, Commander Crayfish's Mutant Sword resembled the Dragon Dagger albeit longer and more like an actual sword .
    • Coincidentally, the Green Mutant Ranger did not wield a Dragon Dagger clone and instead the Sword of Darkness.
  • Commander Crayfish along with the Blue, Black and Green Mutant Rangers, were the last monsters to be destroyed by the original Ultrazord.
    • They were also the last ones to be grown by Rita's original method of growing monsters since the last monster of Season 1 was the Oysterizer and he grew at will.