This article is about a/an base in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
For the original TV version of this base, see Command Center.

exterior of the Command Center

The Command Center is the Power Rangers' base of operations. From here, their powers are channeled to their Power Morphers to allow them access to their armored ranger forms. Here, Zordon of Eltar and his trusted assistant Alpha 5 help coordinate the Rangers' efforts against evil. It can only be accessed by those who have the Power Coins, or so it was meant to...

Alpha and the Rangers

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Ivan Ooze broke into the Command Center by changing into his ooze form to enter. Once inside, he shorted the power in the main chamber and destroyed much of it. Before leaving he made sure to break Zordon's energy tube, removing him from his safe zone, and nearly killing him. Alpha was also badly hurt too. After Ivan had ravaged the Command Center and the teens had arrived some time later, Alpha was mentally back to normal, but his body was weak and slightly singed; however, he told the teens he would be fine.

interior of the Command Center

The destruction of the Command Center also meant that the Power Coins were no longer operational. Thus, Alpha 5 used the Command Center's last remaining energy to teleport the Rangers to Phaedos, where they gained access to the Great Power, which allowed them to return the Command Center to an operational state, as well as restoring Zordon's energy tube.

Power Connections

  • The Command Center powered their original powers and channeled it to the morphers and coins.
  • The Great Power the Monolith provided is independent of the Command Center, and was even responsible for restoring it.


The Rangers by the 'door side' of the Center.

  • In the movie, the Command Center was featured with a brand new design. It was a heavily modified/stylized version of the Brandeis-Bardin institute's House of the Book located in the Simi Valley, which was used in the television show.
  • As for the interior, the main room was a brightly-lit oval chamber with a large set of sliding double-doors at one end, opposite Zordon's plasma tube, redesigned to be clear, and to have space behind it, unlike the TV show where it was built into the wall. The computer terminals were still present, but spaced more appropriately around the room, leaving space for colored glass columns, similar to the ones featured in the show that have ambiguous purpose. The Viewing Globe was still present, located to one side. The walls are easily seen and distinguished in this center, as opposed to the TV show version.
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