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"We are not cannon fodder! We were defeated by the Super Sentai of the past...reduced to lost wandering souls; we are the brave warriors of evil! (我々われわれ雑魚ザコではない!過去カコのスーパー戦隊センタイたおされ…無念ムネンおもいをかかえたままたましいって彷徨さまよっていた・あく精鋭セイエイだ! Ware-ware wa zako de wa nai! Kako no Sūpā Sentai ni taosare...munen no omoi wo kakaeta mama, tamashī to natte samayotte ita; aku no seiei da!)"
―Combined Combatant's first words.[src]

"Don't think that this is over yet!"
―The Combined Combatant's final words before its death.[src]

Los Dark commands foot soldiers that the past 34 Super Sentai battled, reduced to wandering souls. They see themselves as brave selfless warriors for evil. They reside within the dimension of the dead, whose portal is in the Ghost Ship. They have the ability to form the Combined Combatant (合体戦闘員 Gattai Sentōin), which can speak in roars as usual.

The Combined Combatant was formed via the Nanashi using it's power to combine all of the other footsoldiers together into a single being which was able to stand up to the Gokaiger.

But when that Nanashi prepared to deliver the finishing blow, the other footsoldiers began to rebel wanting to deliver the blow themselves, with various footsoldiers merely fighting among themselves. The fighting was seen by the Gokaigers (mainly Luka) as if it was dancing, inspiring them to use the Battle Fever J keys and destroy the Combined Combatant with the Penta Force cannon.




concept art

  • Only standard foot soldiers appeared for the Combined Combatant. The more advanced versions, such as High Zobils and the Batsuroids/Igaroids are excluded.
  • Although the Combined Combatant appears at first glance to be missing the following grunts: the Crimers (JAKQ), the Spotmen (Goggle V), the Ungler Soldiers (Maskman), the Grinam Soldiers (Jetman), and the Rinshi (Gekiranger), they are actually located on the back.
  • Ironically, the Gormin are also absent despite being the current Sentai's Combatant.
  • There are several foot-soldiers who appear outside this appearance in the series:
  • The Combined Combatant's design is similar to Sorceress Jagul's Destruction God Jagul form from the Metal Hero Show Juukou B-Fighter as both are a composite form of previously defeated Monsters and Villains from their respective series.
    • The Combined Combatant does have some key differences to Destruction God Jagul.
      • The Combined Combatant was a composite of defeated Foot Soldiers from every season before Gokaiger while Destruction God Jagul was a composite of Villains and Monsters that appeared in the show she appeared in and the shows 2 predecessors (Juukou B-Fighter, Blue SWAT, and Tokusou Robo Janperson.).
      • The Combined Combatant was a movie exclusive monster while Destruction God Jagul was the final enemy in the final episode of Juukou B-Fighter.
  • It's also similar to the Shocker GreeedIcon-crosswiki.png from the Let's Go Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki.png movie, both featuring a monster/footsoldier from the first series (Zolders/Shocker KaijinIcon-crosswiki.png) and one from the current/prior series (Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi/GreeedsIcon-crosswiki.png). 
    • Again, the Combatant does have key differences with the aforementioned Greeed.
      • The Combined Combatant was a composite of defeated soldiers from every series up to the previous one, including the first.  The Shocker Greed is only a combination of monsters from the first series (Shocker Kaijin) and monsters from the current season (Greeeds), lacking any other monsters (i.e., no FangiresIcon-crosswiki.png, UndeadsIcon-crosswiki.png, or DopantsIcon-crosswiki.png).
      • The Combined Combatant does not have any Gormin as a component, instead having the previous Sentai's footsoldiers; the Shocker Greeed is only a combination of monsters from the aforementioned 2 series, the first and the current.
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