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The Combat Bio-Robot G-Zord (生体戦闘ロボットGゾード Seitai Sentō Robotto Ji Zōdo, 43-44) is the bipedal dragon-like mecha created by the Time Defense Bureau.


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The G-Zord is a powerful dragon-themed Zeta-Sensor robot that was created by the Time Protection Bureau that was lost in a time experiment like the V-Rex in 2994.

Captain Ryuuya came to the 20th century to help defeat it before it could cause the end of the 30th century and took over Tatsuya Asami's position as TimeRed. Gien sought after the G-Zord in order to analyze its' power source. During the initial encounter, it was too powerful for the Rangers in TimeRobo Shadow Beta, but was expelled to heal when the V-Rex enters the battle. Once cured, the G-Zord resumes its attack on the city. With Time Robo Beta and Time Shadow fighting the robot, Gien uses his machine to deflect the Mute-O energy of the G-Zord, leaving it partially active until Tatsuya destroys the machine and restores the energy. After the TimeRangers oust Ryuuya into giving the Chrono Changer back to Tatsuya, Tatsuya is able to come up with a strategy which allowed the TimeRangers to defeat the G-Zord for good by having TimeRobo Alpha ride on the V-Rex's back as Riding TimeRobo Alpha, and then jump off it to move in from behind and strike the G-Zord's weak spot with its sword.

While the G-Zord's remains are taken by Gien, its destruction not only saves the 30th century, but alters its history as well with Great Annihilation a catastophic event coming in 2001.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Lambda 2000 Core: Though resistant to all forms of external attacks, the only weak point of the G-Zord is its Lambda 2000 core. An attack on it is enough to destroy it.


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Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


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  • The G-Zord was also the first Sentai creation to feature the word Zord, a Power Rangers term used commonly for every teams' mecha.
  • The roar G-Zord uses is recycled from Toho's Heisei King Ghidorah.


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