Combat is a background theme to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fight scenes, used primarily during season one-two for unmorphed Putty Patroller battles. It was written by Ron Wasserman, the show's primary musician, also responsible for Go Go Power Rangers and the many other songs produced for use during the Zordon era.


"Combat" by Ron Wasserman

"Combat" by Ron Wasserman

Tick-tock, tick-tock

You're running out of time
No time to stop
Because they're close behind

When they come knock
They better know it's time
I've got the lock
To keep them all in line

Well you can't run and you can't hide
When the evil has you in sight


Now you see them
The plan is very clear
Find their weak spot
And never show your fear

They think they're tough
But you've got a secret weapon
They don't know 'bout
Your Ultrazord protection!

And now they run, and now they hide
'Cause you're on the winning side

Yeah! C-C-C-Combat

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