This article is about a/an ally in Power Rangers (2017), existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
"I'm just going to quietly snap your wrist, you little bitch."
―Colt threatens Billy in retaliation for humiliating him[src]

Colt Wallace is a student at Angel Grove High School who attends Saturday school detention.


Judging from his recurring appearance at detention room and interaction with Billy and Jason, it appears that Colt is a sociopath who likes to torment others and had bad temper, even in bullies' standards. It's even indicated that he scared everyone in the school (with Jason being the only known exception), as the student body cheer on Billy the bully knocked himself out cold in an ill-attempt to antagonize him thanks to his Morphin Grid-enhanced physiology in addition of ignoring him out of fear. Ironically, he is rather cowardly deep inside, as he visibly terrified during Putties' invasion.

Character History

On Jason's first day of detention, Colt bumps into Billy's desk, causing his colored pencils to fall on the floor. Colt offers to help Billy pick them up, but instead takes one and begins insulting Billy. Colt snaps the pencil in half and is about to break another when Jason intervenes and shoves him aside. After Jason calls Colt out for being immature, he begins swinging punches at Jason. Jason retaliates by slapping him in the face and tells him to not sit near him or Billy. For the rest of detention, Colt does not interact with Jason or Billy.

At school on Monday, Colt finds Billy at his locker, still infuriated with Billy due to the events that happened in detention. He tries to break Billy's wrist, but is unable to do so due to the fact that Billy gained superhuman capabilities following the discovery of the Power Coins at the gold mine on Saturday night. He then resorts to headbutting Billy, but this does nothing and Colt faints instead. Billy becomes extremely popular following this incident, even more so when his peers find out he is friends with Kimberly.

He later makes a minor appearance in detention with the Rangers, where he is hit out by a wad of paper thrown by Billy.

Colt is last seen during Rita's attack on Angel Grove. He is attacked by a Putty, but is saved when Billy uses his Zord to destroy it.



  • Colt is portrayed by Wesley MacInnes.

Behind the Scenes

  • Colt is credited only as "Bully", even though he is referred to by name in the film.

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