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"Galza, you meanie! I knew he was like this, but...jeez! But now, thanks to the Dark Insurance payout, there's enough energy... Now, go... Freezerburn Dagameth!"
Carantula before creating Hot-Cold Dagames.[src]

Cold Hot Dagames (レーネツダガメス Rēnetsu Dagamesu) is a temperature-themed Dagames Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim. It was released by the invasion gate and created from the dark energy gathered by Oven Jamen and his younger brother Freezer Jamen.


Although the Freezer Jamen was killed by Galza for being weak and pathetic, the dark energy that he and Oven Jamen gathered was enough for Carantula to unleash a Jamen Beast. Despite being displeased at Galza's brutal killing of the Jamenshi, he chose a Dagames Type and sent it to Earth to try and salvage the scheme. Immediately upon arriving, it was confronted by the Kiramagers who were shocked to see a Jamen Beast with two heads at which point it immediately melted a girder above them with its fire breath to show off. Realizing that the Jamen Beast could easily melt Tokyo into slag, the Kiramagers summoned their Mashin and formed Kiramaizin Carry. It immediately unleashed its fire breath but they used Mashin Carry to block it so it delivered a beatdown using its claws before freezing Carry with its ice breath and blasting it back with its fire breath which impressed Oven Jamen. It kept on using a ice-fire breath combo to keep it on the back foot when Galza arrived in Smog Jouki and teamed up with it in dinosaur mode. Kiramaizin tried to defend itself but the ice and fire breath combination had weakened it so three slashes from Smog Jouki's tail was able to crack the Mashins. Kiramaizin was quickly knocked down but, before Galza could finish them off with the Black Burning, a mysterious glowing Giant Robo like figure appeared to them. Episode 7: Training For You

Whilst Galza realized that only Juru could see the figure, meaning that he created the Mashins, Mashins Jetter and Helico combined into Sky Mage and stunned both Smog Jouki and Cold Hot Dagames with its blasters. Cold Hot Dagames subsequently collapsed onto its side, having drained its energy quickly and Galza was forced to withdraw with it back to Yodonheim. Cold Hot Dagames was then forced to go into temporary hibernation in order to recharge its batteries. Later on, immediately after the death of Oven Jamen, it returned to Earth under order by Carantula to destroy the Kiramagers at all cost. They prepared to summon their Mashin but they were already there and formed Kiramaizin themselves at which point Smog Jouki returned as well. It tried to fight back but was immediately overwhelmed and got knocked back by the Burn Blacker into Cold Hot Dagames, who held it in place for Galza to target Mashin Express (who had been the glowing figure from the night before). However, Juru was inspired by the spirit of King Oradin and piloted it, also managing to hijack Smog Jouki to Galza's horror and form King Express. Using its incredible speed and power, it danced circles around the Jamen Beast whilst also slashing and kicking it many times. Galza tried to rip the forced formation apart with the Burn Blacker but Mashin Express separated and forced it to hit Cold Hot Dagames instead. With the Jamen Beast crippled, Juru restrained it with some energy train tracks and finished it off with the King Express Burn Blaster which made Cold Hot Dagames fall on its side and explode.


Cold-Hot Dagames was a violent and brutally efficient Jamen Beast who did not stop attacking until it passed out from exhaustion due to using up its energy. It was also clearly a team player since it happily and effortlessly teamed up with Galza and the Smog Jouki to try and destroy Kiramaizin. As with all Jamen Beasts, it was a very unintelligent and feral monster who spoke only in roars.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Cold Hot Dagames easily knocked Kiramaizin off balance with its claw strike and later restrained it by wrapping its hands around its chest.
  • Durability-Cold Hot Dagames shrugged off multiple slashes and kicks from King Express in rapid succession.
  • Fire Breath: Cold Hot Dagames can breathe fire through its right mask's mouth which was hot enough to melt a massive steel girder with a single puff.
  • Ice Breath: Cold Hot Dagames can breathe ice through its left mask's mouth.


  • Claws: Cold Hot Dagames has large curved claws which it used to maul its enemies.


  • Energy Limit: Due to being one of the strongest Jamen Beasts, Cold Hot Dagames used up a vast amount of energy every time it fights and had to sleep for a full day to replenish its strength.


  • Height: 66 m
  • Weight: 1636.6 tons
  • Dark Beast: Dagames
  • Jamen: Cold and Hot


  • Cold Hot Dagames was the first Jamen Beast with the following factors:
    • It was the first and only Jamen Beast that was created from the dark energy gathered by two Jamenshi.
      • It was also the first and only Jamen Beast to take the characteristics of two Jamenshi simultaneously.
    • Cold Hot Dagames was the first two-headed Jamen Beast to appear.
    • Cold Hot Dagames was the first Jamen Beast to survive its debut episode.
  • Cold Hot Dagames's method of cracking the Kiramai Stones with its ice and fire breaths was similar to that of Marigomori from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (as well as his Power Rangers counterpart Armadeevil).
    • It was the first Dagames Type Jamen Beast.
  • Its name comes from the Japanese word for Lethocerus deyrollei (タガメ Tagame), a species of giant water bug.


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